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Sharing your views


We believe in partnership and together the children, staff, parents and community enable children to achieve their potential. Your views matter to us and there are a number of ways to share them:


  1. Headteacher surgery every Tuesday morning, book an appointment through the office or wait for a slot on the day.
  2. Catch the Classteacher at the end of the school day (mornings tend to be too busy for anything more than a quick  conversation).
  3. Book an appointment with a member of staff through the office.
  4. Pop a view in the Suggestions Box that is in the entrance to the school.
  5. Complete the annual questionnaire.
  6. Go online to share your views on ParentView.
  7. Pass on a matter at the half termly parent/child progress meetings.
  8. Pass on your views to the Parent Council that meets each term.
  9. Catch Mrs Curtis or Mrs Rumsby on the playground or in their office.


Please take the time to share all you value and appreciate as well as ideas for improvements, it is important that we know what to keep and what to change.  If you have any issues please raise it quickly so action can be taken quickly to resolve matters.  If matters can not be resolved then please follow the details of the Complaints Policy contained in the Policies page.


Parent Viewpoint

To find out more about what parents think of the school and it's provision follow the links:

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