December 2023 Week Beg 4/12 Tues 5th Exhibition in class pm, Weds 6th Exhibition am, Thurs 7th Christmas Jumper Day -Donations to Save the Children
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Tree Decorating Assembly - 1st December 2022

Anti Discrimination Week: October 2022


Our school motto is We Care, We Learn and We Shine.  Our children and community is a tolerant and respectful one, our aim is to broaden and deepen their understanding of people who may be different to ourselves for example by age, gender, race, disability, living arrangements, family makeup or culture. So we have added a new experience for the children in the form of a special learning week.  The week will coincide with Black History Month and fall in the last week of the first autumn half term.


We will be using books, with stories, facts and poetry to inspire the children.  Each year of their school life the children will find out more about a different aspect of age, gender, colour, living arrangements, family makeup, culture or ability. Over their journey from Nursery to Year 6 they will gain a rich and deep understanding which will provide them with opportunities to learn, emapathise and appreciate themselves and others in our wonderful diverse world and also be able to recognise and challenge discrimination.


If you have any ideas or suggestions for this week or another please share them.


Here are the stimulus texts for each year: 

Comic Relief - 19th March 2022


During the week we wore red items from socks to jumpers, culminating in a Wear Red day on Friday. We also sold Red Noses and raised a huge £696.50 for Comic Relief.

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