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Sports Funding

PE and Sport Premium (How we use our Sports Funding)


The PE and Sports Premium Funding is provided by the Government to help primary schools improve the provision of physical education and sport offered to pupils. Funding for Ash Grange is calculated by the number of primary aged pupils (between 5 and 11). From 2017, all schools with 17 or more primary aged pupils received a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil. In academic year 19-20 the school received approximately £ 17,859 which was used to provide some of the following:





New Intentions for Academic Year 2020-21

Develop children’s swimming confidence and skill.

Fund a specialist coach to run a comprehensive swimming programme for all pupils from Nursery to Year 6

  • Development of water confidence in Nursery age children and techniques of swimming and lifesaving in Key Stage 1 and 2 children.
  • Rapid progress in swimming achievements.

Elite swimmers clubs for KS1 & 2 weekly Autumn 1 and Spring/ Summer term

Increase children’s participation in competitive sport

  • Football and netball teams competing in local league.
  • Running club created to focus on developing teamwork and competitive competition experience
  • School hosted an elite runners’ cross country event
  • Football and netball teams entered into competitive county events.
  • KS1 running, swimming and multi skills competitions organised in local federation of schools.
  • Higher rates of attendance at sports clubs in and out of school
  • Increased regularly engagement in the recommended daily physical activity
  • Improved health and fitness levels of children
  • Children taking part in a wider range of competitive sport more often

Increase children’s exposure to competitive sport through inter house swimming competition

Increase participation in local inter-school competitions

Higher rates of attendance at sports clubs in school

Launch an active schools programme with incentives, including the use of Fitbits, to encourage healthy lifestyle.

  • Inter house fitness challenges established.
  • Fitbits purchased and worn by house representatives every fortnight to track activity and sleep.
  • Fortnightly active journeys promoted
  • Weekly Active points earned for all house teams
  • House Captains established to promote sports and active lifestyles.
  • Water fountains placed at different locations to ensure children and visitors have access to water throughout the day.


  • Increased regular engagement in the recommended daily physical activity level.
  • Many children have trackers now and use them to identify activity levels each day.
  • Water is consumed by children throughout the day.

Develop tracking of children and families of all ages to promote healthy lifestyles in school and home.

For children to achieve at least recommended daily physical activity level

  • Daily Mile established Year 1-6
  • New sports activities introduced every day in wrap around care.
  • Weekly swimming slot at wrap around care
  • Sports clubs run by staff for Key Stage 1 and 2 -  orienteering, running, netball, football, swimming.
  • Additional clubs offered with specialist coaches running twice weekly.
  • Enrichment opportunities established:
  • Residential Outdoor Adventurous Activity Centre trip
  • Water sports Day
  • Overnight Stay
  • Increased regularly engagement in the recommended daily physical activity level
  • Achieved School Games Award Bronze
  • Maintained Healthy School Gold Award
  • Achieved a national Mental Health Award in relation to all aspects of health.

Achieve School Games Award Next Level = Silver

Increase experience of outdoor adventurous activity across the school

Increase availability and quality of health and well-being information

Purchase of  interactive playground communication system which models active lifestyle in the form of sports, guidance and tips.

Families have easy access to information which is targeted to support a healthy lifestyle

Develop workshops for parents and children to work together to be healthy in activities, cooking and sports.


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