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TWA Newsletter - December 2022

The class have made a great start to the together we achieve programme. They have been taking part in a multitude of fun activities that promote confidence and resilience. Each session has had a theme such as problem-solving, teamwork and persevering and the children have started to develop their characters in their own unique way.

The children write down their thoughts and what they did well during the session in their notebooks – which they get to keep. I explain how important it is to be resilient all the time and to believe in themselves.

A highlight for me was the children’s attitude and effort towards the Endurance session which had a variety of military style exercises.

In January, we look forward to learning life saving skills. I previously worked for St John Ambulance for 2 years as a trainer, so will be sharing my knowledge with the class. Alongside first aid, the children will take part in the Energy Club in the same session. The aim of the Energy Club is to promote healthy living through fun activities and speaking about the importance of eating well.

Happy Christmas and best wishes,

Mr Mayne

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