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Weekly Eco Points


Eco Points

We have developed the idea of Eco Points, awarded to the children for all their efforts to help make the world a better place for everyone.  The tokens are given out for the focus of the week and the class with the most points wins.  Over the year the points are added together and the class who achieve the highest number will take part in a special trip to learn more about caring for the world.


There will be a different focus over every 3 week period of the school year:


Week 1: Containers - points are awarded to each child for using reusable containers:

Water bottles, snack containers, lunch containers and empty food trays  


Week 2: Recycling - if the recycling points in the class are all being used correctly, this is checked daily by the Eco Council.


Week 3: School Focus - whatever the Eco Council decide the focus will be:

e.g. doors shut to save energy, lights out to save energy, heating on and windows shut or windows open and heaters off to save energy, etc...


Here are the points that have been awarded:


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