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What my child will be learning this year

Ideas for home learning 30.3.20

  • Freeze petals, daisies, beans, seeds, spring flowers, leaves, buds or small toys in a bowl of ice. Investigate what happens as the ice melts!
  • Draw a picture of your family or your favourite toy!
  • Plant a seed like Jasper the cat and keep a diary of what happens from Monday to Sunday
  • Put some flour or soil in a tray and use sticks or other objects you can find to draw shapes and make marks. Can you write any of the letters from your name?
  • Decorate outside using a bucket of water and paint brushes or rollers. Encourage big movements and brush strokes to develop muscles ready for writing!


Keep safe and have fun!

Autumn Term Topics 2019

How many pebbles on the beach?

How many colours in a rainbow?


Spring Term Topics 2020

Where does snow go?

Are eggs alive?


Summer Term Topics 2020

What is a shadow?

Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?



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