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End of Term Home Learning
We have been continuing our learning at home, writing instructions on how to make a spiral snowman, how to decorate a Christmas Tree or what you may need for winter; writing a soliloquy from an elf who has lost the present list surprise and practicing our French animals and colours!  There has also been some good work on perimeter being completed and  lots of fun learning with Kahoot quizzes.  Well done Y4M!

I am Warrior!    WOW!

We launched our project by designing and making a Roman shield and helmet before marching on Britain to invade!  It was great fun!

Together We Achieve - with Mr Mayne


Each week Year 4 develop their physical skills and teamwork with Mr Mayne.  They practice and learn how to develop qualities such as showing respect, resilience, good manners and kindness through different games and activities. The sessions also link to British Values.  Every week, a child is chosen as the 'Star of the Week' who has demonstrated these skills during the session.  


Congratulations to our Winners:

Autumn 2

Session 8: Prince - for great teamwork and non-stop running!

Session 9: Kaden - for great teamwork and being respectful.

Session 10: The Whole Class!  For great resilience and teamwork on our Endurance Day!

Session 11: Aurora - for being polite, being kind to others and trying her hardest.

Session 12: Gary - for being kind to others, encouraging them and helping them to take part as a team.



Autumn 1

Session 1: Olivia - for great teamwork and leadership

Session 2: George - for being respectful throughout the session

Session 3: Lexi-Mai - for improving in confidence and being respectful

Session 4: Yashfa: for being polite and kind

Session 5: Levi - for showing kindness and great teamwork

Session 6: Archie and Austin - for being respectful when listening

Session 7: Georgina - for being honest and giving effective feedback



We used our team skills and showed great resilience in a very exciting, fun and muddy endurance day!  We had to work together and keep going even when we were tired!  Have a look at our photos to see what we got up to!

Burps, Bottoms and Bile! Project

Bottoms, Burps and Bile!  WOW!
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