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Revolution - Spring 2

Our Learning


We have learnt a lot about life as a Victorian child in our history and English lessons.  We are grateful that we do not have to work as chimney sweeps or in the mill factory today, at such a young age!  


As part of our Design and Technology lessons (DT) we looked at a typical Victorian Doll's House.  We first made a prototype from card and materials.  Then we designed and made a room, using  wood as our structure and adding furniture and decorations.


In Science, we reminded ourselves how to make a simple circuit and which components were needed before investigating whether increasing the length of the wires made a difference to the brightness of the bulb.  Take a look at some of our photos below.

Life as a Victorian Child - Trip


Year 6 visited Reading Museum to experience what life would have been like as a child living in Victorian times.  It really helped bring our learning this term to life!  We sat in a Victorian classroom and had lessons that were typical for the time, writing on a slate board, remembering to stand up to speak to the teacher and some even had some of the punishments!  We also had a taste of some of the jobs including squeezing through a narrow chimney to sweep, doing the laundry, beating carpets and bowing and curtseying to the Lord and Lady!  We really enjoyed our trip - take a look at the photos below.

Project Homework - Revolution


We had a fantastic range of project homework about life in Victorian times with well presented PowerPoints created by Teo, Caeli, Ini and Noah. Abi wrote an amazing story about Victorian family life, based upon the class novel.  Joshua created a Victorian workhouse using Minecraft, narrating all about the details inside - very inspired and detailed work. Simas also used Minecraft to create his Victorian house and there were some very delicious Victoria Sandwich cakes made by Kyla-Jayde, Riley C and Ryan - thank you!

Take a look at the photos below of other project work brought in from timelines, models of rooms found in a Victorian doll house and fact files.


We started our topic, based on the Victorians, by looking at a Victorian anachronism - that's a picture with an object or person, that is not in its correct time, for example, a Victorian person holding a mobile phone!  

We then learnt about silhouettes which the Victorians used a lot to remember people before sketching and creating our own silhouette. We also had a go at using chalk to write on a chalk board!  Finally, we looked at some artefacts and were amazed how some items are still used today, although they have evolved over time!  Take a look at our photos below.

Hola Mexico! - Our Learning


This term we have learnt all about the Mayan civilisation from Mexico and why they speak Spanish there today.  We created our own webpage in computing, presenting all our facts on different pages about Mexico.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the class novel, 'Holes' and finally, designed and carefully painted our own 'Day of the Dead' masks, learning to mix and use powder paints.  Take a look at our photos below.

Project Homework - Hola Mexico!


We enjoyed expressing our learning all about Mexico through our project homework.  There were many excellent PowerPoints telling us facts about the history and geography of Mexico as well as plants, animals and foods that you would find there. Below, are photos of other projects including a Day of the Dead altar, musical maracas, facts and recipes and photos of Mexican cooking at home - well done to all those who took the time to research and present their information in a range of creative ways - take a look! 

Trip to the Buddhist Temple


As part of our RE topic, we visited a Buddhist temple to help bring our learning to life.  We were able to look at the shrine inside, with all the colourful, amazing offerings and listened to a monk tell us about the main beliefs of a Buddhist.  It was a really informative and enjoyable morning.  Take a look at some of our photos.

Hola Mexico!

Spring 1

Welcome to Mexico!  We launched our new topic in style, taking a flight to Mexico!  On arrival we got into the spirit of life with music, shaking our maracas and castanets!!

We learnt some facts about the country to make our own fact file booklets before tasting

some typical Mexican food including tortillas, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, dried beans and spicy Mexican rice!

We then made our own sombrero to wear - Hola!

A Child's War 

Autumn 2 - Our Learning


We have enjoyed learning about World War 2 this term.  In Geography, we compared urban and rural areas in the UK to see where children were evacuated to.  We also wrote a flashback story based on a short film, The Piano and developed our sewing skills by using old shirts to make a pencil case - 'Make Do and Mend'!!  Take a look at our photos below. 

A Child's War 

Autumn 2 Project Homework


Take a look at how we expressed our learning through our project homework. There were some very good PowerPoints giving information about how the war began, evacuation, facts and figures from the war and what life was like as a child. These were produced by: Saskia, Teo, Caeli, Khushi, Noah, Simas, Joshua and Vinnie.  There was also a very moving poem written by Ini and Charlie shared his great aunt's poem that was written when she was growing up in the war about memories of a family member who had gone to war.  We even saw a soldier's uniform and medals from Gemma and an actual gas mask from Charlie.  Amazing effort and work - well done.

A Child's War 

Autumn 2 Topic

We launched our new topic, based around World War 2, by looking at different artefacts, including a gas mask, ration books, helmets and clothing.

We then learnt about evacuation, making our own identity label before we packed our case!

Take a look at our photos below.

Frozen Kingdom!

Our Learning this term


We have enjoyed our Frozen Kingdom topic, learning about the Arctic and Antarctic, finding out where polar bears and penguins live and discovering more about the impact of climate change on these areas.  We wrote Shackleton's diary and were able to learn a little of what it must have been like to battle through the extreme weather conditions.  As part of History, we learnt about the sinking of the Titanic yet we managed to conquer the iceberg of long division in Maths!


Finally, we discovered that bread was a common food eaten on the Titanic, regardless of which class your cabin was in, so we designed and made our own bread roll, adding our choice of ingredients such as cheese, garlic, olives, raisins, chilli flakes or rosemary.  Take a look at some of our photos - it was delicious!

Amazing Project Homework!


Take a look at some of our excellent project homework this term!  There were also some very informative and well presented PowerPoints received from: Simas, Joshua, Kyla-Jayde, Noah, Harvey, Saskia and Khushi.  Well done - the standard was very high.

To launch our topic, Frozen Kingdom, we went on a journey on board the Titanic and explored the different classes in Virtual Reality. Luckily, there were enough life-boats for us all to get to safety!

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