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At Ash Grange the staff have always gone above and beyond to provide children with a variety of additional opportunities, outside the government’s expectations of working hours. Our recent monitoring of club attendance and children’s views has highlighted a need for change. Therefore, from the start of the summer term regular weekly clubs for Key Stage 1 will cease to enable the younger children to play and rest after school. Key Stage 2 children will now be offered clubs according to the following principles:

1. Clubs are for the purpose of developing specialist skills and talents beyond the school curriculum e.g. running for distance

2. Clubs exist to:

a) prepare children for seasonal events or competitive fixtures e.g. Carole Concert or Football Tournament

b) provide children with access to resources and expertise to complete homework e.g. Lunchtime Homework Club

3. Internal school clubs will run at different times according to staff timetables: before school, at lunchtime or after school.

4. Children will be invited to join an internal club based on skills and aptitude shown in school.

5. Staff reserve the right to remove a child’s place at a club if they fail to attend regularly or do not participate fully in activities.

6. In addition, we will be seeking out external providers who can run additional clubs at a cost to parents/carers and will let you know the details of these as these provisions are found.


The internal clubs that the children will be invited to participate in for the summer term are:

* Cross Country

* Netball

* Cricket

* Rounders

* Orchestra

* Homework Support 3x a week in the Computer Room (for children who have not completed homework at home and then open to anyone on a first come, first served basis)


The external club offer is:

Football on Friday afterschool - Information and book online at the Premier Sports website.

Swimming – day and time to be confirmed

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