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Special Educational Needs

How we support children with Special Educational Needs

At Ash Grange Children's Centre and Primary School all children, regardless of their particular needs, are provided with inclusive teaching which will enable them to make the best possible progress in school and feel that they are a valuable member of the wider school community.


Contained below are the documents that tell you more about our provision, including admission arrangements, identification of need and how children and families are supported:

  1. Equality Policy This is what we do for all children
  2. The SEN policy tells you the policy relating to children with Special Educational Needs. 
  3. SEN Information Report This contains details of our access arrangements and provision for children withe SEN
  4. Universal provision for quality first teaching This is what we do for all children
  5. Wave 2 provision This is guidance about how we support and address gaps in children's learning so that they can rapidly catch up to the national expectations for their age
  6. Wave 3 provision This is guidance about how we support and address learning needs that require specialist longer term interventions.
  7. The Governors have undertaken an accessibility plan audit with a external provider which informs annual premises changes and developments according to agreed priorities.
  8. Visit the Surrey SENDlo website with lots of resources for parents/carers.
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