September 2023 Week Beg 18.9.23 KS2 Club Trials begin, 21/9 Year 5 Trip to Hampton Court, 22/9 Year 6 Assembly 29/9 Year 2 Assembly
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At Ash Grange the children will learn the importance of Art and Design through our four main strands – Drawing, Painting, Printing and 3D Sculpture or Textiles.

It is our aim that every child has the opportunity to learn new art skills and techniques that will be built, year upon year, to show their progression in the subject. During each strand the children will be inspired by an artist and show the skills they already have in that art area. Children will then be given the chance to improve and learn new skills. We want our children to see the enjoyment and satisfaction in the process of producing art and therefore children will have time to reflect on their artwork and make improvements based on discussions with their teachers and peers. At the end of each strand the children will evaluate their art piece and share what they can do now and what they want to learn to do next. It is through the children’s personalised experience of art at Ash Grange, that we enable the children to positively develop their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, to produce their most creative work.

Year 6 Day of the Dead Masks

Year 1 - City Paintings

Certificates for Art

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