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The Eco Shop

This week special.

New Eco shop Stock available.

More stock will be landing this week, feel free to come by and see the great deals we offer at outstanding discounted prices.  We welcome donations, we know how much of an impact they can make on others’ lives.


Swimsuits now available

Dear All
I am delighted to share that the Eco Shop is open for business.  Videos of the shop will be on our website soon 
This is for our Nursery and School community to directly benefit from.  We have donated clothing, shoes, uniform, coats and lots more for you to help yourself too. If you want to make a donation it is maximum 50p per item; all the money will be used to buy more clothing and footwear.

Thanks to the wonderful In Kind charity, we are able to pass on to you many discounted everyday items on sale for 50p or £1.  We are restricting sales to a maximum of two per item (no one can buy all of the toilet rolls) per family so we can offer these discounts to as many families as possible. it is a first come first served basis, we can not reserve items.  

Here are this week's products.  Buy them at the office before or after school with cash or electronic device.  

Please note if you are paying by credit/debit card there will be an additional cost of 5p per item for banking charges.





Our price

Pack of 9 Andrex ultra care toilet rolls



Pack of 12 pampers pull up swimming nappies



Faith in nature body wash Travel set



Faith in nature hand care kit set



Faith in nature Body wash (individual bottles)



Deodorant (Lynx & Dove)



Face cleanser



Body form ultra Long sanitary towels



Colgate Toothbrushes



Sistema reusable straws




The Faith in Nature products are there too at highly discounted rates to the shops.

Our eco glue sticks and wipe board pens are available too.  You can purchase these through the uniform site - here's the link.

It is wonderful to be able to support our community in this way.  If we had some volunteers we could do even more, do let me know if you could help.

Kind regards,
Mrs Curtis

Scopay School Shop