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Eco Products in School

Eco Products and Principles of Ash Grange


Key principles:

1. Buy eco produced

2. Reduce waste of any kind.

3. Keep carbon footprint as small and local as possible.

4. Do not harm biodiversity through our product production or usage.

5. Sulphate free washing products used


Products used at Ash Grange



Photocopier is a cold cold copier - reduces energy

All paper is recycled

Cartridges for photocopying are returned for recycling



Ink pens have everlasting cartridges that are refilled from large recycled ink bottles

Refillable glue sticks - u-fill

Refillable wipe board pens - coming soon

Pencils without plastic wrapping - on order

Scrap paper created from single side usage

Lamination to a minimum


Health and Hygiene

Soap - either paper free soap bars or eco refills used (5 litre recycled containers)

Paper towels from recycled material, soon being replaced with towel system so less waste

Eco Shop sells eco products at cheap rate to help all families be more eco

Eco products used in school showers

White vinegar and other non-harmful products used for cleaning



Local milk comes in glass bottles which are recycled

Snack bought in bulk to reduce carbon footprint

Wrappers recycled

Food waste composted, locally and on site

Fruit boxes are seasonal


Our Eco Shop


This is always open and has a wide range of products at discounted prices for all to enjoy.  All items are listed on our uniform site - here's the link.


If you would like to see a product let us know.

Scopay School Shop