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At Ash Grange our history curriculum in underpinned by four main themes:

• Chronology

• Monarchs and leaders

• Daily life

• Important People


It is our aim that by focussing on these aspects of history, we can give all children a fuller understanding of the past. By starting with chronology, we want to develop from Nursery upwards an understanding of what “the past” is. By the end of Key Stage Two, children will be able to place major historical eras and events in chronological order.

In each topic studied we want children to understand how monarchs and leaders often shaped every day life in Britain – for better or worse!

For many children, learning about what daily life was like in a particular era is what really brings their learning to life. What were Roman togas like to wear? What was it like to write on a slate at school? How did it feel to carry a gas mask around at all times? These are questions and experiences that in our “Daily Life” theme we hope will make history seem more relevant for our pupils.

By learning about other important people in history – not just monarchs and leaders - we aim to give a much fuller picture of the past. We want to find out about how everyday people changed the course of history with their inventions, their beliefs or their art. Our aim is to study not just the people in power, but the everyday people who strived to leave their legacy behind. By doing so, we hope to inspire our pupils to achieve their full potential.



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