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Wonde - A Guide for Parents

In order to make it simple as possible for students to log in to school resources at home we have linked all of our home learning apps in one place; Wonde.  We provide students in Year 1-6 with a Wonde account which is accessible using a unique personal Magic Badge (QR Code) or emoji password.


About Wonde

Wonde Single sign​-​on​ (​SSO​) is an authentication process that allows each pupil access to multiple applications with one set of ​login​ credentials (their Magic Badge). This means that they do not need to remember lots of different login details and all applications are in one secure location.


How to access Wonde:

Your child(ren) will have been given a unique Magic Badge by their teacher or the school office.


Visit on your internet browser and click “Login with Magic Badge”. You may need to give permission to use your camera to show the QR code to your device.

There is no additional password to remember; please keep your QR code safe.


Once logged in they will be greeted with a dashboard where they will have access to the school resources including Mathletics, Timestable Rock Stars, Reading Eggs and more.


For school Chromebooks

Your child's Magic Badge automatically unlocks the school Chromebooks. The pupil holds up their magic badge to the camera or enters their Emoji Password and they’re taken straight through!


Help and Support

If you need help accessing Wonde please contact your child’s teacher or the school office. It’s really important that the school has up to date contact details for you. These contact details will be used to verify your identity if you need support. 

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