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Terms & Conditions

Ash Grange Nursery Terms & Conditions

1. Nursery Session Options

Ash Grange offers the following options for Nursery places:

A) Full-time places (30 hours) per week Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3pm., term time only.​​​​​


    B) Alternative - 4 whole days, in total 24 hours per week.


    These places are for families who: 

    1. Meet the criteria for a government funded place (see below)
    2. Pay for these sessions.


    2. Part-time places which consist of 15 hours either 9am-12noon or 12-3pm 5 days a week:

    a) Government provided placed for FEET ( Funded Early Education for Two Year Olds) 2-3 Years olds or FEE (Funded Early Education for Three Year Olds) 3-4 Years

    b) Paid sessions (If a reduced number of sessions per week is required the minimum is 9 hours over 3 sessions.)


    3. Additional sessions; these can be purchased as a regular arrangement or as a one off if booked in advance, all sessions are subject to availability.

    2. Intake Nursery 1 (2-3years)

    • Children who are eligible for the Early Years Free Entitlement funding (FEET)-2 years and above can start at the beginning of the school year (Autumn Term) or at the beginning of the Spring or Summer whichever falls after their second birthday.  FEE funded children may begin a term after their third birthday.
    • A child will remain in Nursery 1 until the end of the academic year in which they are 3 years old. They will then move up to Nursery 2.
    • A child’s intake into Nursery may be staggered over two or more weeks. Please refer to our Nursery Induction process for more details.
      Funded hours must be taken within the sessions offered no part sessions may be taken.
    • Funded hours are accessed over five three hour am or pm sessions for Nursery 1, and am for Nursery 2.
    • All 3 year olds are entitled to 15 hours free funding a term after their third birthday.
    • For children that are not entitled to Feet Funding and require a paid Nursery 1 place;
    • We can a minimum of 3 days of 3 hours am or pm sessions this is subject to availability.

    Please note:

    When your child becomes eligible for government funded sessions, they will need to attend either 5 mornings or 5 afternoon sessions. If they previously attended paid sessions their pattern will change to the above.

    Intake Nursery 2 (3-4years)

    • Children that are eligible for the Early Years Free Entitlement funding begin Nursery 2  the September after they turn three.
    • A child will remain in Nursery 2 until the end of the academic year in which they are 4 years old.
    • A child’s intake into Nursery may be staggered over two or more weeks. Please refer to our Nursery Induction process for more details.
    • Any available nursery places will be allocated during the year, as they become available, to children who are in the half-term after their third birthday or older.


    3. 30-Hour Funding

    • If your child is either 3 or 4 years old. You can apply for funding in the term prior to your child's 3rd birthday but the funding will not apply until the term after they turn 3.
    • You may be eligible for the 30-hour funded childcare offer if: You earn more than the equivalent of 16 hours at the national living wage or minimum wage per week: for example, over the next three months you expect to earn at least £1,813.76 - the National Living Wage if you are 25 or older.

    There is no requirement to work a certain number of hours per week – it depends on how much you earn. This means if you only work 10 hours a week but earn £12 per hour, you will meet the minimum earning threshold. Apprentices are also eligible as long as they earn the equivalent to 16 hours at the apprentice minimum wage, and you earn less than £100,000 per year.

    •  You can apply for funding in the term prior to your child's 3rd birthday but the funding will not apply/begin until the term after they turn 3.

    30 hour funded places are not suitable for all children, if your child is eligible, we will discuss the options with you and will only claim funding for the sessions we offer your child.


    4. Criteria

    • All places are offered on a first come, first served basis.
    • Each application is always considered on the basis of child’s needs.

    Choice of sessions is based on age and availability.

    5. The Application Process

    • Parent/Carers to complete an online Enquiry Form, the school admissions team will confirm receipt by email.
    • The application process begins three months prior to your child’s proposed start date.
    • Initially parents/carers will be invited for a tour of the nursery.
    • Following this tour parent/ carers and child will be invited to a stay and play session.
    • If you wish to proceed the admission process will then begin.

    The Admissions team will give applicants the Admission Forms once Induction Visit 1 is completed.

    Parents/ carers must return the Admission Forms (see below) prior to Induction Visit 2.

    • Admission Forms
    • Home School Agreement
    • Pupil Premium Form
    • Surrey Declaration Form
    • 30 Hour Eligibility Form (If applicable)

    Timetable of Induction Visits - Nursery 1;

    1. Parent Tour of Nursery 
    2. Induction Visit 1 Parent and child attend a Stay and Play session in Nursery 1 Class
    3. Induction Visit 2 Parent and child attend a Stay and Play session in Nursery 1 Class, parent will attend an information session with the Nursery Manager, while their child explores the setting with the Early Years practitioners.
    4. Induction Visit 3 Children visit Nursery Class. Parents are encouraged to be present, but to encourage their child to explore more independently.
    5. Induction Visit 4 If your child is settled parents/carers will be encouraged to step out of the setting for a short while to enable their child to explore independently.

    Following these induction sessions, the Nursery Teacher or Room Leader will discuss your child’s timetable for the upcoming weeks.


    Some children may require additional settling in sessions prior to starting their allocated hours.

    Teeny Funzone sessions will not commence until after the induction sessions have been completed.

    Timetable of Induction Visits - Nursery 2;

    1. Meet the Key Workers Visit Parent and child attend a Stay and Play session in Nursery 2 Class. This will be outside of school hours. During this session you will receive your Admission Forms and your child’s timetable.
    2. Induction Visit 1 Parent and child attend a Stay and Play session in Nursery 2 Class
    3. Induction Visit 2 Children visit Nursery 2 Class- Parent/ Carer will attend a meeting with the Class Teacher.
    4. Induction Visit 3 Children visit Nursery 2 Class. Parents are not required to attend this session. This session will be 2 hours.
    5. Induction Visit 4 Children will attend their usual session e.g. am or pm or all day and those that would usually access the lunch session will stay for lunch.

    Following these induction sessions your child will commence their agreed sessions. Some children may require a reduced timetable for a short time to support their transition into Nursery 2.

    If you have applied for a 30-hour funded place, your child will begin to access these sessions following their induction visits. However, if your child requires additional induction sessions or a reduced timetable, the Nursery Teacher/Room Leader will discuss the possibility of delaying the 30 hours place until they are ready to access their full entitlement. Your child will be offered a 15 hour place as an alternative. Please note, eligibility does not determine suitability for extended sessions.

    6. Decisions

    • Decisions are final and there is no right of appeal.
    • The offer of a nursery place DOES NOT mean automatic entitlement to a place in Ash Grange Schools Reception Class.
    • Parents who accept a place will be expected to commit to taking up the place for the rest of the academic year, they will be required to give notice prior to leaving.

    7, Payment of Nursery Fees

    Payment of fee to the Nursery for the child’s attendance shall be made by the parent/guardian monthly in advance using Scopay. Once your child is registered, we will generate a unique log in where details of fees due and an overview of your child’s nursery sessions can be accessed at   

    If payment of fees is not paid within 14 days from receipt of the invoice, you will receive a reminder that payment is due immediately. If payment is not received after you have been notified you will be given 5 working days’ notice of the termination of the contract.

    • The cost per session for 2 year olds is £18.00 per session.
    • The cost per session for 3 year olds is £16.50 per session (from the half term after they turn 3).

    8. Sickness/Absence

    Children who attend paid sessions will be required to pay the full am or pm session costs even if they are sick or absent.


    9. Late Collection from Nursery

    If you are late due to an emergency contact the school office as soon as possible.  Late collection from Nursery will incur a charge of £5 per 15 minutes per child.

    Payment of late collection fee must be paid prior to your child attending any further Nursery sessions.


    10. Cancellation of place

    • You are required to provide us with a least one term time months’ notice of withdrawing your child.
    • If insufficient notice is given the Early Years Free Entitlement funding will be transferred to an alternative setting 28 days after the date of leaving the setting.
    • A final invoice will be issued reflecting the fees chargeable for the remaining period that your child attends, together with any previously invoiced amounts which remain outstanding.
    • One week prior to leaving all outstanding fees must be paid in full.
    • The place of a child who has been withdrawn cannot be held open and will be automatically made available to allocate to a child on the waiting list.
    • If parents/carers then wish their child to return to the Nursery, they will have to re-apply for a place and the application will be considered according to the usual criteria along with any other applications at the time unless there are special circumstances. The fact that a child has previously been in the Nursery class, or any other Nursery class, will in no way influence the decision of being offered a place.


    11. Attendance & Loss of Nursery Place

    • If attendance and/or punctuality is poor or erratic the Nursery teacher/Room Leader will talk to the child’s parents/carers to try to understand challenges and offer support. For the child to benefit fully from Nursery education, attendance needs to be regular and punctual due to the great demand for places.
    • If after a period of two weeks, attendance and/or punctuality remain poor a letter will be sent to the parents/carers.
    • If after a further period of two weeks the is still no improvement parents will receive a letter or telephone call inviting them to meet with the Head Teacher to agree an action plan.
    • If, following the meeting, there is no sustained improvement in attendance and/or punctuality within an agreed period, then the child may lose their place. Parent/carers will be notified of the loss of place in writing.
    • If a child is absent for a period of three weeks without any contact from the parents and the school has been unable to make contact within this time, the child may lose their place and it may be offered to someone else. This will be decided by the Head Teacher: a letter explaining the situation will be sent to the parents/carers.
    • Nursery 2 places are dependent on children being fully toilet trained, unless they have a diagnosed medical condition or a special educational need preventing this.
    • We accept that Nursery aged children are likely to have occasional toileting accidents; our staff are trained to support children with sensitivity and kindness in intimate care. However, if your child attends Nursery 2 and they are not toilet trained, we will expect you (with support, signposting and advice if needed) to keep them at home for seven days or until they are ready, to undertake this process.


    12. Transfer from Nursery into School

    • We would like to inform all parents/ carers that a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the school Reception Class and that applications must still go through the Surrey County Council Admissions Procedure.
    • The Nursery staff will liaise closely with colleagues in Reception classes to plan for transition into our Reception class, or any other chosen or allocated school. Nursery staff will send on reports and other agreed records to other schools as appropriate.




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