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At Ash Grange, we believe different cultures and languages make our community rich and special. 

From Year 3, children learn French through many fun and interactive activities. 

From listening to songs to learning about popular sports in France, the children engage in a variety of learning opportunities, developing their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

French is a subject where children can play games and share about their tastes and hobbies while learning a whole new language. 

2022-2023 at Ash Grange...


Year 6: We are pleased to announce that children from Year 6 classes are taking part in a Penpal project with France! We have written our first letter to introduce ourselves to our French Penpals and are looking forward to receive their answer!



Year 5: In the last half-term of 2022, Year 5 learnt all about space in French. At the end of this unit, we had a special day pretending to be on board of the ISS with French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. We learnt about what they eat on board and looked at his pictures from space. If you want to learn more about Thomas Pesquet and the European Space Agency, you can find information here:


Thomas Pesquet

Year 3: In the first half-term of 2023, Year 3 learnt all about numbers and games. To celebrate their learning journey, they learnt how to play a famous card game in France: La Bataille. Ask them about it, they will be happy to share and show you how to play!

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