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Welcome to Ash Grange

Dear Visitor,


Welcome to Ash Grange Preschool, Nursery and Primary, a wonderful community school for boys and girls aged 2-11 years in the heart of Ash, in Surrey.  It is my privilege to be the Headteacher of Ash Grange and to have led the school to be the wonderful school that it is.   Our ethos is clear for children and adults alike:  “We Care, We Learn, We Shine”, this encompasses all we do and the following pages share with you what this looks like day by day.


We have 3 core aims which underpin all that we do:

1. Enriched learning experiences that will broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.We provide a rich and varied curriculum delivered through half termly creative projects, which link all areas of learning/subjects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Preschool to the end of Reception Year) and National Curriculum (Year 1 to 6) together in meaningful, exciting, enriching and broadening experiences.  Day to day learning is enriched with specialist teachers of Drama, Music, Sports and the learning of French as the additional language.  Undertaking local and further afield trips widen children’s first hand experiences, along with visitors who come to share expertise from all walks of life with the children.  The learning is planned to develop children’s knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


2. The development of effective communications and language skills so that children can be confident and powerful communicators.

Highly developed oral confidence is vital in life, to communicate needs, ideas and views to other people and in return to listen and respond to those expressed.  To develop communication skills is a fundamental part of each learning day.  Each class has special opportunities in lessons, assemblies, events to develop and hone these skills.Once children have acquired effective spoken abilities these are applied to reading and writing to broaden these communication skills.  We are so passionate about reading because it opens up to children the worlds of facts, imagination and creativity.  During their years at Ash Grange each child has the chance to build their own reading library and be awarded 20 fantastic books which are gifted when they achieve each level of school reading band system.Writing is a crucial tool for sharing all that they know and are learning, we enable the children to be confident, able writers who develop their interests and passions. The craft of forming efficient and effective handwriting is valued through pen licences and the awarding of an engraved fountain pen when presentation is consistently excellent.  We take every opportunity we can to write creatively and the children’s imagination and factual knowledge creates rich and interesting pieces that are award winning.With great communication skills the children can access and engage fully with the world around them and the grasp the opportunities waiting for them.


3. The positive development of physical, mental and emotional health of all.

We care about the uniqueness of each child; their academic, social, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. We all know happy children learn, make friends, achieve their goals and become full active citizens, this is what we want for every child.  The development of positive emotional health equips children with the skills and tools to be able to recognise their own and others emotional health and needs, which enables them to have their needs met in a respectful, independent and consistent way.  We recognise that families need support at different times and we provide support to the family day by day and at significant points of need.  We appreciate and value the huge team of staff at Ash Grange and ensure our practice, expectations and support of them allows them to flourish and achieve so much in their important role.  Our provision in this whole area of Mental Health and Well-being has enabled us to be recognised with a national award. 


I hope I have captured some of the passion I hold for this amazing school and community.  Our website is full of information and images to see more of school life but a visit will bring it to life; come and see our wonderful school in action.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Marie Curtis


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