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Special Diets

Does your child need a medical special diet to eat lunch at school?


HC3S, our caterers, can provide special diets for pupils with allergies who want to have a school lunch. Special diets are provided for pupils with a medical problem, not just a dislike of certain food. Medical evidence confirming the child's allergy will be required. 


Medical special diets are prepared by the NHS for children at HC3S schools who have been advised to avoid a certain food by a medical professional. Special diets are managed through their dedicated special diet portal.


For parents with children already at school who require a medical special diet, please create your account and upload your medical evidence. Please note there is a 10-day turnaround and during this period parents will be required to supply a pack lunch.


Once you have created your account, HC3S will be able to review your medical evidence with our NHS dietician in order to devise an adapted menu for your child's school lunch.

Other dietary requests

If for religious, cultural or lifestyle reasons you wish your child to have either a pork free, beef free, egg free, pork and beef free or vegan menu, please select an appropriate choice from our menu.

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