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Additional learning opportunities

Through their time at Ash Grange we provide additional learning opportunities in addition to the core curriculum.

Year 4 take part in a teambuilding focused programme called Together We Achieve with Mr Mayne. The children learn to work together more effectively whilst developing their own character and aim to apply these skills to everything they do.


The programme promotes important values such as resilience and confidence in a multitude of activities. Included throughout the school year is a teamwork focused phase, an endurance session inspired by military style exercises, first aid skills, sports leadership and much more! 


Each student in Year 5 works towards and takes a LAMDA recognised acting exam at the end of the year. The teacher, Kelsey from Little Voices comes in for a half a day a week once a week and works with the children in small groups, working on confidence, speech and language, memory, team building and overall, acting. This relates directly to our school aims.


 This is an unusual opportunity for a school to offer as it is organised and paid for by the school but we believe that each child should have the opportunity to explore new talents, try new things and take an exam with an outside examiner to learn how to deal with those types pressures that they will so often feel in their adult life, but learning how to navigate this in a safe space. Each child learns a monologue which often seems a real challenge to the students at the beginning of the year, but by the end they walk into their exam with confidence and can perform their monologue with great skill!

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