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Eco Council

The Eco Council (see above for members) children met with Mrs Curtis and Miss Postel on September 16th to launch our targets for the school year. 

The children explored our action towards our 3 key targets: 1. Reduce Waste  2. Increase Biodiversity 3. Reduce Energy and our next steps.


The children celebrated our achievements to date:

1. No bad bins in the classroom, only recycling, compost and tissue bins.

2. School average of only 5 black bags of waste per week

3. Recycling in place for paper, pens and glue sticks.

4. Repurposing area set up for children and adults to reuse unwanted materials or items.

5. Eco Point promotions has reduced packed lunch waste - this is targeted every 2 weeks as a whole school.

6. Cleaning products on larger scales for less waste.

7. Ink cartridge convertors and bottled ink added to remove need for plastic cartridges.

8. Eco stationery bought when available.

9. Notepads used for note taking instead of wipe boards with many pens reduced.

10. Milk suppliers provide it in 2 litre containers instead of small non recyclable cartons.

11. Nappy changing resources swapped to washable and reusable options.

12. Monthly campaigns across the school to focus 

1. Creation of a new nature area with pond.

2. Creation of new orchard area with water.

3. Addition of planters with succulent plants which will cope with wider weather changes.

4. New plants added to entrance to increase oxygen and decrease carbon dioxide.

5. Feeders made by classes.

6. Planting adding to increase biodiversity - Lavendar plants in the orchard/nature areas.

7. Growing spaces created for children near playground and orchard.

8. Cleaning products using natural ingredients to reduce harm to animals and biodiversity.

1. Automatic lighting added to school site.

2. Push taps added to toilets.

3. Hand dryers removed from toilets and paper (recycled) towels added.

4. Soap made by children used for hand washing (environmentally friendly hand soap used as alternatives).

5. Monthly campaigns for reducing waste of energy for whole school with Eco Points awarded.

6. Campaign to turn off heating before opening windows runs each half term across the school.

7. Promotion of walking, scooters and sharing transport promoted each half term with whole school.

8. Increased use of i-pads to remove need for copying resources and wasteful energy usage.

9 Homework uses online platforms to reduce need for books and stationery to complete.

10. Increase use of electronic communication with community to reduce paper and energy costs.



The children then identified actions for this term:

  1. Collecting wrappers at break and lunch times. Wrappers will be taken to a Terracycle Centre.  Miss Postel shared the new box collection system
  2. Not wasting paper – use both sides before it goes into the bin
  3. Recycle pens
  4. Recycle pritt sticks
  5. Make compost from fruit skins/cores


     1.  Teach the whole school how to find creatures and look after them around homes and school

     2. Protect our burrowing bees (on the front playground)

     3. Keep spiders safe


  1. Switch off energy when not needed
  2. Shut doors to keep in heat


Eco School Award

We are currently a bronze award school and are moving towards silver in the next year, with targets and actions above


Surrey Plastic Challenge 2019

Ash Grange has won the Surrey Plastic Challenge 2019 in recognition of all we have done to educate and change our habits to make the world better.  The children and staff were interviewed to share our ideas with others and launch a international Epic Plastic Challenge at the UN!

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