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Staff List



Senior Leadership Team

Head / Child Protection Officer / Raising Standards Lead/RE and Art Subject Leader

Mrs Curtis

Deputy Headteacher / Deputy Child Protection Officer / SENCo


Mrs Rumsby

Assistant Head with responsibility for Early Years

Mrs Mohammad

Business Manager

Mr Eynon

Nursery 1 (2-3year olds) Team


Mrs Bell (Room Leader)

Mrs Blanch, Mrs Pemberton,

Miss Schofield, Mrs Ward 

Nursery 2 (3-4year olds) Teacher / Art Subject Leader


Mrs Wade

Nursery 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Burgess/Mrs Griffiths

Reception Class Teacher / DT Subject Leader


Mrs Mohammad

Reception Class Learning Assistant

Mrs Rennie

Year 1 Teacher


Miss Hunt


Year 1 Learning Assistant- Eco Deputy Leader

Ms Beedie

Year 2 Teacher / Geography Subject Leader


Mrs Sawyer


Year 2 HLTA/EAL Leader

Mrs Anderson

Mrs Newcombe

Year 3 Teacher / Music Subject Leader / English Subject Leader


Mrs Haygarth

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Mrs Neaves/Mrs O’Doherty

Year 4 Teacher


Mrs O'Doherty and Mrs Lopes - Monday and Tuesday

Wed-Fri Mrs Price

Year 4 HLTAL/SEN Support 

Mrs O’Doherty/Mrs Lopes/Miss Skinner

Year 5 Teacher / Science Subject Leader


Miss Bemmer

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Mrs Cartledge

Year 6M Teacher / Maths Subject Leader


Miss Mole
Year 6M HLTA / PHSE SubjectMrs Cox

Year 6H Teacher / Computing Subject Leader


Miss Horton

Year 6 HLTA/ French Subject Leader / Eco Lead

Miss Postel

Teacher of PE / PE Subject Leader


Mr Barnett

Learning Support Assistants

YN Mrs Ward

Y2/3/4 Mrs Lopes

Y4 Mrs Bateman 

Y6H Mrs Fathers

Y2/6M Mr Rattan 

Admin Team

 Mrs Cooper, Mrs Gray, Mrs Taylor


Funzone Leader

AM: Mrs Ward

PM: Mrs Ward, Mrs Cox, Ms Beedie

Site Manager

Mr Curtis


Mrs Morris (Supervisor), Mrs Neaves, Mrs Scudder, Mrs Watkins

School Counsellor

Mrs Jardine

ELSAMrs Anderson
Occupational TherapistsMrs Chapman, Mrs Davies
Speech & Language Support Mrs Anderson

Together We Achieve -

Year 4

Mr Mayne
Little Voices - LAMDA - Year 5Mrs Brazier
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