September 2023 Week Beg 18.9.23 KS2 Club Trials begin, 21/9 Year 5 Trip to Hampton Court, 22/9 Year 6 Assembly 29/9 Year 2 Assembly
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Staff List

Staffing 2023-24

2022-23 Roles


Senior Leadership Team

Head / Child Protection Officer / Raising Standards Lead / RE and Art Subject Lead / Designated Teacher for LAC/PLAC children

Mrs Curtis

Deputy Headteacher / Deputy Child Protection Officer / SENCo


Mrs Rumsby

Assistant Head with responsibility for Early Years

Mrs Mohammad

Business Manager

Mr Eynon

Nursery 1 (2-3year olds) 


Mrs Bell (Room Leader)

Mrs Blanch, Mrs Pemberton,

Miss Schofield

Nursery 2 (3-4year olds) Teacher


Miss Hook

Nursery 2 Learning Assistant

Mrs Burgess, Miss Schofield

Reception Class Teacher / DT Subject Leader


Mrs Mohammad

Reception Class Learning Assistant

Mrs Rennie

Year 1 Teacher


Miss Hunt


Year 1 Learning Assistant / Eco Deputy Lead

Ms Beedie

Year 2 Teacher / Geography Subject Lead


Mrs Sawyer


Year 2 HLTA/EAL Lead

Mrs Anderson

Mrs Newcombe

Year 3 Teacher / Music Subject Lead / English Subject Lead


Mrs Haygarth

Year 3 Learning Assistant

Year 3 HLTA

Mrs Neaves


Year 4 Teacher


Mrs Neumann

Year 4 HLTA/SEN Support 

Mrs O’Doherty

Year 5 Teacher / Science Subject Lead


Miss Bemmer

Year 5 Learning Assistant

Mrs Cartledge

Year 6M Teacher / Maths Subject Lead


Miss Mole
Year 6M HLTA / PSHE SubjectMrs Cox

Year 6H Teacher / Computing and Spelling Subject Lead


Mrs Irlam

Year 6 HLTA/ French Subject Lead / Eco Lead

Miss Postel

Teacher of PE / PE Subject Lead


Mr Barnett

Learning Support Assistants

YN Mrs Ward

Y2/3 Mr Rattan

Y4 Mrs Bateman 

Y6 Mrs Fathers

Admin Team

  Mrs Taylor and Mrs Gray


Funzone Leader

AM: Mrs Ward

PM: Mrs Ward, Mrs Cox, Ms Beedie

Site Manager

Mr Curtis


Mrs Morris (Supervisor),  Miss Scudder, Mrs Watkins

School Counsellor

Mrs Jardine

ELSAMrs Anderson
Occupational TherapistsMrs Chapman, Mrs Davies
Speech & Language Support Mrs Anderson

Together We Achieve -

Year 4

Mr Mayne
Little Voices - LAMDA - Year 5Mrs Brazier
Scopay School Shop