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Wave 3 Provision

Children who have a special educational need or a disability may benefit from interventions which are specifically tailored to their needs. Such interventions may be offered on an individual basis or be delivered to a group of children – this is especially helpful to avoid isolating children with SEN from their peers. Often interventions are specifically recommended by an educational psychologist or specialist teacher and delivered in school by our staff but with their guidance and support.


Wave 3 interventions currently available:

Toe by Toe ProgrammeOne-to-one reading support for children with dyslexia
Individual speech and language support, focussing on language or articulationInterventions and exercises provided by the Speech and Language Therapy Service
Individual fine or gross motor skills exercises/programme for different parts of the bodyInterventions and exercises provided by the Occupational Therapy Service
Emotional literacy support/CounsellingHelping children to improve their understanding of their own and others’ feelings
Blast Programme – for speech and language developmentOne-to-one /small group support for children with poor vocabulary and sentence construction
Social Stories and related resources, including TEACCH system, workstations, task boards, key rings of prompts, visual timetables, adjustment cardsOne to one support for ASD medically diagnosed child according to need
Music TherapyOne to one support according to child's needs


Additional Resources which may be purchased for assessed need:

  • Laptops
  • Dyslexic suitable exercise books, overlays and paper – colour adjusted to assessed need
  • Grip resources – pen grips, Y shaped pens, Yoropen
  • Wobble cushions
  • Foot booster boxes
  • Caring cutlery
  • Magnifying lenses/lamps
  • Easy grip stationery/equipment e.g. rulers, scissors, pencils and pens.
  • Seating – wedges/chairs
  • Desks – sloping, adjustable height
  • Lamps
  • Ear defenders
  • Weighed resources
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