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Healthy Schools Award

This year we were delighted to retain our Gold Award in recognition of the experiences and opportunities we provide for the children to learn about:

  1. PSHE including Relationships, Sex and Drug education.
  2. Healthy Eating.
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Emotional Health and Wellbeing


A quote from the Healthy School's Team assessors:


  "A thorough, energetic and comprehensive overview of provision to support and promote physical and mental health and well-being. It is great to see how you have focused upon evidence and impact – and it is really clear to identify the developments which have been addressed, and those which didn’t take place, or are still to be actioned. Really heartening to see this document, many thanks."


Encouraging Better Choices, Nudging Healthier Habits

The children of Ash Grange (Year 6, 5G, 5C Spring 2022 and Year 4 Summer 2022) have benefitted from a wonderful resource and opportunity to learn about the Gut Microbiome and its importance in maintaining good health. The Gut Microbiome impacts mood, concentration, energy levels, food cravings and your immune system to name a few!

This is a 6 week project in which they learn about the different foods that best look after their Gut Microbiome and ways to feed their good gut bacteria. To start this journey the children take part in a challenge to encourage better food choices and nudge to healthier habits, hopefully removing some of the battle for you as parents/carers.

To reinforce the learning they used Phyte Cards in the classroom. These cards make good food fun and are an engaging way to learn about the different Phyto Powers (nutrients) in many wholefoods. If you want to purchase your own pack to play at home, follow the link, the children can also choose them as a book prize.

This project helps children to develop a comprehensive understanding of both the science and importance of gut health and practical ways to include food that will boost their health and wellbeing, improve energy, mood and concentration.

If you would like to know more about the programme we are following you can go to where there are some additional resources for parents.


The double pack contains 76 cards of commonly eaten fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs and seeds, nuts and spices

Also use the cards to identify foods they like, not tried, or don’t like yet to encourage a more open mind set to trying new foods. Great at meal time!

  • Discover the Poo Power of Plums, the Energy in an Avocado and the Health Boosting properties of Herbs
  • Entertaining, educational game loved for ringing good food to life
  • With categories including Health Booster, Force Field, Energy, Bone Strength, Muscle Power and Poo Power, as well as thought-provoking Phyto Facts for each food




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