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Me Time

Our 3rd core aim is that:

The positive development of the physical, mental and emotional health of all. 

This is part of our day to day experience at Ash Grange Nursery and Primary School through learning opportunities, lessons, playtimes, assemblies, PSHE and Me Time.


What is Me Time?

This is a special time for the children to:

1. Learn about emotions and needs that every person has and how to take care of these needs for themselves and others.

2. It is a space to practice being self aware and mindful.

3. Be inspired by stories, people and events that can teach them about how other people have developed skills to care for themselves and others.

4. Build self-esteem.

5. Build respect for self and others.

6. Develop practical strategies to regulate emotions and manage obstacles in their life.

7. Space to be.

8. Have a journal to explore their thoughts, feelings and needs. This is a private book and the children invite others to read it with their permission only.


When do the children have Me Time

This happens in Year 1 to 6 one half term per term on a Wednesday with Mrs Curtis; for approximately 45 mins.


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