W/C 6/7/2020 School open for Key worker, SEN and Vulnerable children, Nursery, YR, Y1 and Y6 - - - For full details of our Coronavirus response go to the All about us section. - - - This weeks home learning activity is a Foil Art Kit.
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Year 3

Each week during the closure, your child will be set reading, spelling and mathematics tasks for Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday.   We have also set lots of battles on Times Table Rockstars and we have challenged each of you to a battle against us!  See the tasks below:



There will also be  project based activities for you to choose from. These will be posted on the class page and  some resources to support you.  There is also a writing calendar on the main 'classes' page, full of lovely writing ideas for you to give a go.


We have loved seeing your children's work, please keep sending through pictures of what you have been up to!  

You can contact us at: Miss Hopkins:      

                                   Miss Mole:       


We hope you are keeping safe and well!


Kindest Regards

Miss Hopkins and Miss Mole

W/C 06/07/20


Good morning!  We hope you're all doing well and ready for a new week of learning!  Have a look below for this week’s activities.  This week we are going to continue our new topic of FLOW, but we are going to focus on plants.  Go outside and see if you can spot any flowers in your gardens, parks or even along the river! 


1.  What are all the different parts of a flower?  Use the information powerpoint below to help you to identify the different parts.  You could (carefully!) go and pick a flower to look at or you could use the photo flower to work out the names of the different parts of the flower.


2.  Now that you can name all the parts of the flower, could you sketch each part?  Remember, you need to use light and gentle lines first.  Could you use your shading techniques to show the textures and shadows of the different parts of the plants?


3.  How does water travel through a plant?  Go shopping for a WHITE flower or (carefully) pick one.  Put the flower into some water with a bit of food colouring.  Predict what you think will happen….will you be correct?


As always we love seeing what you get up to so please email us with any pictures, questions or updates.  Our emails are:

Miss Hopkins:      

Miss Mole:       

W/C 29.06.20 - FLOW


Good morning!  Welcome to a new week of learning.  This week we are going to start our new topic FLOW!  We are going to be learning all about rivers!  To kick off our new topic, watch this video and try some of the activities below.  Remember we love to hear about what you’re getting up to so please send us in any pictures or questions! 



1.  Can you use the map and powerpoint below to find some of the world’s major rivers?  Can you find out which are the biggest and longest rivers in the world?  How many have you heard of before? 

2. How do rivers change?  If you have a tablet, try downloading the ‘Journey of a River’ virtual reality and have a look at what a river looks like on its journey from Source to Mouth.  Try looking up the Amazon River on Google Earth or Google Maps and see how it changes downstream.  Go to BBC Bitesize to find out some information about rivers.  Using your new-found knowledge, can you make a model of a river?  Use the pictures below to help you.  There are some labels attached for you to put onto your river diagrams.


3.  What happens to water when it rains, or when it goes into the rivers?  Use the experiment to see what happens to water as it goes through the water cycle.  Check using this video to see if your experiment worked!

W/C 22.6.20

Good morning!  We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  This week, you are going to put all the skills you have been learning to good use.  You are going to plan out and create a special meal for your family.  Think about what their favourite foods are and use the activities below to help you.  


  1. Decide a time to host your dinner party with your family.  Make invitations and decorations to make it special.
  2. Using your menu that you made last week, go shopping!  Create your shopping list and use (Sainsburys/Tesco) website to work out how much each item will cost.  How much will the total shop be?  If you can, go shopping and buy all your ingredients.
  3. Make your meal and treat your family!  Using your menu from last week, and the skills (cutting, grating, peeling) that you have learnt, cook up a feast for your family.  Just make sure to send us a photo before you eat everything!


Remember to snap a photo before you eat everything up!  We love to see what you are getting up to!  

As always, please email if you need any help, our email addresses are:

Miss Hopkins

Miss Mole   


Good luck with your cooking!  


Peeling, grating and chopping

Still image for this video
If you're not sure, watch Miss H show you how to peel, chop and grate a carrot




Tune into Live Maths Lessons from Gareth Metcalfe.  They will be streamed at 9am for Y3/4 and 10am for Y5/6.  All information and videos / live lessons will be posted here:


Mathematics Mastery has also designed home learning packs with parent guides for each year group.


Maths with Parents has also opened up all its resources for free. Here is the link:


Topmarks has lots of different maths games, including times tables practice.  By the end of Y3, they should know their 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 8x



Fun Activities

Ever thought of what you may have 100 of around the house?!  Click the link below to try to some fun play ideas.


Freemantles have lots of resources to support the children while they are learning at home.


Class Assembly Dates

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 all calendar dates have been postponed. Please check for updates when the school re-opens.


Please see below the dates and times for the Year 3 sharing assemblies:

Year 3H -

  • Friday 18th October 2019 (2.30pm) - Harvest Assembly;
  • Friday 31st January 2020 (9am);
  • Friday 24th April 2020 (9am).


Year 3M -

  • Friday 18th October 2019 (2.30pm) - Harvest Assembly;
  • Friday 20th March 2020 (9am);
  • Friday 3rd July 2020 (9am).


We very much look forward to seeing you to celebrate all of our wonderful work!

School Trips

Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 all calendar dates have been postponed. Please check for updates when the school re-opens.


Year 3 will be visiting the following:

Gilbert White House - 1st July 2020

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