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A Day in Nursery

The daily routine for each age group provides a wide variety of stimulating activities designed to promote, broaden key aspects of a child’s development. 


SMALL GROUP TIME – This is part of the daily routine which includes activities that have been planned for the children. The children will work in groups with carefully selected materials which will help them to develop a learning key experience towards the Early Learning Goals.


OUTSIDE PLAY – This is a time when all the children go outside and explore and investigate the outdoor learning environment, developing their skills of knowledge and understanding of the world.  It also helps to develop the children’s physical skills.


All areas of both the indoor and outdoor learning environment are open for the children to explore throughout the session. Resources are freely available to the children and at all times the children have access to sand, water, sensory bowls, mud kitchen, slides and balance bikes plus many more…


SNACK/LUNCHTIME -The children sit down together to enjoy a nutritious snack during the morning and afternoon sessions. The children are offered a drink of milk or water with snack and throughout the day water is available for the children. Children who attend a full day or afternoon session are asked to provide a healthy packed lunch to enjoy together.

Characteristics of Effective Learning


The Early Years Foundation Stage is the curriculum that begins in Nursery and continues until the end of Reception Class. 


It identifies three main characteristics that underpin learning and development across all areas.


Playing and Exploring (engagement) This involves finding out and exploring, playing with what they know and being willing to 'have a go'.


Active Learning (motivation) This is being involved and concentrating, to keep trying and enjoying achieving what they set out to do.


Creating and Thinking Critically This involves having their own ideas, making links and choosing ways to do things.



At Ash Grange Nursery 1, it is important for children to settle well and be happy whilst in our care. During the initial home visit, we will discuss the use of a dummy in school, as part of a child’s settling process to support a smooth transition between home and school. Once the child has settled, their dummy will be used to comfort when upset if other distractions are unsuccessful. If the child sleeps as part of their daily routine, then a dummy may be given in line with home practice. When not being used a child’s dummy will be kept in their own dummy box out of child’s reach and labelled with their photograph and name. After use and if dropped a dummy will be cleaned and stored/given back to the child. It is important for parents to understand that the constant use of dummies can have a huge negative effect on children’s speech and language development.


Biting is not tolerated at Ash Grange Primary School. If a biting incident takes place staff have a duty to inform both the parents/ carers of the child who has been bitten and the child who has bitten. Children are supported to realise the hurt and damage this can causes and educated to change their behaviour in partnership with families. Any bites where the skin is broken parents will be informed and advised to seek immediate medical attention.

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