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Welcome to Year 4!

This Autumn term, we were able to explore the Ancient Roman History through our topic - I Am Warrior!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this term from inviting parents to our School Assembly to hosting an Art Exhibition for KS1 (year 1-2) and KS2 (year 3-6). 

Art Exhibition: Wednesday 15th December 2021

We had the opportunity to organise an Art Exhibition in our hall for other classes to take part. We were able to apply different artistic techniques practiced to sketch our self-portraits. From practicing our shading skills to the eye to carefully applying different stroke directions to the hair, we were quite proud to show-off our skills to other year groups.


Not only did we host the exhibition, we gave time for pupils and teachers to participate in an activity we called 'Match the person'. All staff and students took part in this activity enjoying this special time to also bond, it was a success!

Science: Electricity 


We also began experiment with simple circuits, understanding mains and battery appliances that we use in our everyday lives. Here, we were working to light the bulb in our simple circuits ... have a look!


For our WOW day, we built and designed Roman armour looking at Ancient Roman defensive strategies. 

We look forward to learning more!

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