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Welcome to Year 4!

Take a sneak-peek through what we have learnt throughout this academic year.

Summer 1 - Traders & Raiders!

Ready, aim, fire!

Designing and creating catapults.

A time where these military weapons were frequently used in battle, we were inspired by the catapults used by Vikings. Bringing our knowledge from making mountain shelters in Spring term, we reinforced the joints of our final product to test out it's durability.

Spring 2 - Blue Abyss!

Together with Mr Mayne!

From learning leadership skills to building the value of teamwork and resilience, we have learned the thrill of navigating using a compass and a grid reference of a map to practice with. We also focused on our learning skills to demonstrate agility and hand-eye coordination. 


Easter Performance

A time to celebrate new beginnings and hope, we were excited to host this year's Easter musical - inviting parents and friends over to the Catholic Church across the street. 

Spring 1 - Misty Mountain Sierra

Mountain Shelters & Skateboard Workshop!

From making bivvy mountain shelters in DT with cardboard (for prototypes) to wood and sticks (for our final product, learning about survival skills), to gaining a great skill of skateboarding at school. 



Autumn 2 - I Am Warrior! 

Can you spot whose sketch belongs to who?

An exhibition showcased to the whole school of our self-portraits, it was amazing to see the number of classes engaged throughout the session. The main hall reserved for every class to take part, we had set out the task of making sure every class could spot the sketch to the artist.

Autumn 1 - Burps, Bottoms & Bile!

Le Transport to Strumming a Ukulele

Learning in French about transport, we immersed ourselves in the language through matching the word to the picture in one of the activities. In Music, it was lovely to see a short composition of 3-4 chords amongst the students at the end of the course.

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