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Welcome to Year 1


Spring 2 2024

Bright Lights, Big City


We enjoyed our Project WOW day learning all about the Great Fire of London.

We pretended to be bakers on Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire of London started.

We also baked some real bread- which was delicious! 
The recipe can be found below.

The recipe we used is from the BBC Good Food website - click on the link below.

We rowed across the River Thames to escape the raging flames!

Spring 1 2024


Super Smoothies

We had a great time in DT tasting, planning and making our own super smoothie!

Ask your child what the secret super food ingredient was! 

(Popeye would have loved it!)


Superhero WOW Day!


We had such a good time today being superheroes.

We used our super powers in some really fun activities.

Catching the villains in action!

Using our X-Ray vision to see what was in the bag!

Moving kryptonite carefully so it did not remove our powers!

Using super strength to knock down the bad guys!

Using spider senses to get around the obstacle course!

Autumn 2 2023


Baaarmy Bethlehem!


Well done to all the children from Year 1, Reception and Year 2 for a wonderful performance of the nativity.

The singing, acting, narrating and music accompaniment were all brilliant and we are so proud of you all.

We hope you all have a lovely, restful Christmas time.


Trip to the Natural History Museum


We had a brilliant day at the Natural History Museum in London.

We got to see the actual fossils that Mary Anning found on the beach.

We got to touch and examine real fossils and be paleontologists for the day

as we reconstructed Sophie the Stegosaurus. 

We saw Andy's Clock - which luckily did not take us back to the time of the dinosaurs!

We saw a real-life (robotic!) T-Rex who was feeling the Christmas spirit.

And of course- we enjoyed the coach trip and our packed lunches!

The children were so well behaved. They joined in well with the workshop and were respectful and sensible when moving around the museum.

They really did Ash Grange proud!

Autumn 2 2023

Dinosaur Day!


We had a ROAR-some day to launch our new topic.

Here are some of the amazing things we enjoyed:

went digging for fossils in the sand pit;

made our own dinosaur footprint art work;

played in the Dinosaur Museum role play area;

made huge fossils (almost life-sized!); 

made our own fossil imprints from play-doh;

and learnt all about herbivores and carnivores.

And that was just day one!

Autumn 1 2023

Our walk to the woods.


We had a great time in the woods today. We learnt about the different types of trees, which animals live in the woods and learnt about the features of Ash.

The children did our school proud with their fantastic behaviour and teamwork.

Making tree rubbings

We are reading The Gruffalo in English and today we made our own Gruffalo crumble!

We added: a poisonous wart, orange eyes, purple prickles, knobbly knees and of course some crumble topping!

We got messy with scrambled snake today!

Finding woodland fairies, building shelters, painting snakes.... a busy first week in Year 1!

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