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Frozen Kingdom


In History we have been studying the Titanic so we built model scale rooms in DT to show what it was like on board for the different classes. 

Gallery Rebels


In this topic, we have been reading The Invention Of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick and we were inspired to make our own automatas (moving toys)! 



Here is our wonderful project homework for our Revolution topic (all about the Victorians). 

Marvellous Measures in Maths


In maths, we have been learning about units of measure so we went outside to find out how big these measures really are! How many litres do you think filled the box? How many lengths of the playground make one kilometre? 

Cooking with Rations!


As part of our World War Two topic, we have learned all about rationing and which foods were restricted due to the war. We followed recipes that could be made with just basic rations to bake eggless sponge and pear crumble!  

Making Blood!


To launch our topic, Blood Heart, we used syrup, food colouring, milk and vegetable oil to represent the components of blood! Watch this video and see if you can work out which ingredient represented red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. 

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