Happy Summer Holidays! - - - School Opens to Pupils on Thursday 2nd September 2021
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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page where you can find out more about what is happening in our classes.


Year 4 swim on Fridays, and have PE on Mondays.

On Tuesdays Year 4 have 'Together We Achieve' with Mr Mayne.


If you have any questions or would like to contact the class teams please email or call the school office on 01252 328589 to leave a message. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form.

Half Term Project Details and Homework Ideas - Playlist


What’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low, bass hum? Which do you prefer – an acoustic singer or a booming brass band? A solitary voice singing sweetly and quietly or a magnificent choir lifting the roof? Take out your ear plugs as you journey through the valley of sound and find out about instruments, the sounds they make and how they are produced. Discover how sounds are made and which sounds travel the furthest. Then, sing up and compose a class song for the local talent contest, Class Factor. Can you write a number one hit? Be sure to stand up straight, warm up your voice and sing your heart out. When your performance is done, sit back and listen to calming classical melodies, a soothing lullaby or your favourite boy band ballad. Can you hear me over there? Or do I need to TALK MORE LOUDLY?


This project runs for the second half of the Summer term. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home. 


Below are some ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Talk to parents and grandparents about music and dance trends that were popular when they were young. Bring in findings to present to the class. 

  • Listen out for classical music used on TV. Write down the music you heard and where you heard it. 

  • Learn a song by heart or play a piece of music on an instrument. Practise and see if you can do it without making any mistakes! 

  • Make a ‘spot the intro’ quiz for your classmates or family. Play an introduction to a song and see who can recognise it first. 

  • Write a fan letter to a musical hero explaining what you like about their music. 

  • Write song lyrics for a new song for your favourite band. 

  • Hear a choir sing or watch a performance online. Can you hear the low and high voices? Find out what the different singing parts in a choir are called. 

  • Find out about the different part of an orchestra. Label the different instruments and sections. 

  • Write new lyrics to a song you like, perhaps adding an extra verse. 

At the end of the project homework period your child will receive either a bronze, silver or gold project homework badge.

Bronze = a basic piece of project homework was completed

Silver = a good piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of time to complete

Gold = an excellent piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of thought, time and effort to complete

Class Assembly Dates

Here are the dates for our class sharing assemblies this year, we hope you will come and join us at 9am in the hall:

  • 26th November 2021
  • Easter Assembly 1st April 2022
  • 24th June 2022

School Trips

Year 4 will be visiting the following:

  • TBC
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