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Revolution - Spring 2




We started our topic, based on the Victorians,  by looking at some artefacts including children's toys and were amazed how some items are still used today, although they have evolved over time! We had a go at using chalk to write on a chalk board and discovered that some of the playground games we play today began in Victorian times such as skittles, skipping and even diabolo, so we enjoyed trying them out ourselves!   We also had fun looking closely at a Victorian anachronism - that's a picture with an object or person, that is not in its correct time, for example, a Victorian person holding a mobile phone!  

We learnt about silhouettes, which the Victorians used a lot to remember people by instead of a photo,  before sketching and creating our own silhouette.  Finally, Victorian dolls were very expensive, so we did what many children had to do then, and make a peg doll! We had a great fun-packed day!  Take a look at our photos below.

Hola Mexico! - Spring 1

Hola Mexico! - Our Learning


This term we have learnt all about the Mayan civilisation who lived in Mexico and why people speak Spanish there today.  We created our own webpage in computing, presenting all our facts on different pages about Mexico.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading the class novel, 'Holes' and finally, designed and carefully painted our own 'Day of the Dead' masks, learning to mix and use powder paints.  Take a look at our photos below.

Project Homework - Hola Mexico!


We enjoyed expressing our learning all about Mexico through our project homework.  There were some excellent PowerPoints telling us facts about the history and geography of Mexico as well as plants, animals and foods that you would find there.  We also had some creative movie designs showing inside Mexican homes and the Mexican flag.  Myla even wrote a short story in Spanish and read it to the class! (Luckily, she gave us an English translation!!) Amazing!  Below, are photos of other projects including Day of the Dead altars, Mexican masks, musical maracas, facts and recipes and photos of Mexican cooking at home - well done to all those who took the time to research and present their information in a range of creative ways - take a look!


Welcome to Mexico!  We launched our new topic in style, taking a flight to Mexico!  On arrival we got into the spirit of life with music, shaking our maracas and castanets!!

We learnt some facts about the country to make our own fact file before making our own sombrero to wear - Hola!

'La Cucaracha' - Hola Mexico!!

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