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Year 5 Gallery of Learning

Welcome to Year 5!

Please have a look at what we have been doing this year.

Summer 1 - Pharaohs WOW!


We launched our new topic by firstly locating Egypt on the map. We then went on to label the main cities, capital city and main rivers.


We learnt about the Egyptian writing of hieroglyphics. We stained some paper with tea to make it look like the papyrus paper the Egyptian's used and then used the hieroglyphic alphabet to write our own names - it was quite tricky!


We then launched our new class novel of 'My Royal Story - Egyptian Princess'. We looked at the front and back cover to see what we could find out and then we thought of some other things that we would like to find out about the princess, etc.


We also had the opportunity to use the VR headsets and see what it was like to be inside a pyramid.

Spring 2 - Beast Creator


This topic has been exciting and we have had fun learning about different minibeasts.


In Science we learnt all about minibeasts and how we could classify them. We also sorted different animals into their categories of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. We then looked at the different ways that animals reproduce. We also learnt about the different parts of plants and how they reproduce too.


In Geography we learnt about the North Downs. We learnt about the different impacts that humans have on the downs when they visit. We enjoyed completing a traffic survey outside school and also looking at what the impact was of humans walking up and down the path next to Ash Grange.


In DT we made our own bug hotels. We used skills of cutting and glueing wood to form a prototype and then the real thing. It was lots of fun and we are sure that the bugs will enjoy their new holiday homes! 


In English we wrote instructions on how to make a bug hotel. We also wrote an explanation text showing the life-cycle of a butterfly. 


Look at the wonderful homework projects we completed... we even had some live minibeasts come to visit!

Trip to Ash Manor 


On Friday 24th February Year 5 went to Ash Manor for a day of excitement and lessons!


We first had a sewing lesson in the Art Room. We learnt to cut out felt and sew it together using a running stitch.


Next came a Science lesson in the Science Lab. We learnt about the PH Scale and tested out some liquids using red cabbage as an indicator. 


Finally we had a Food Technology lesson - we made some fork biscuits. We did all the mixing, rolling out, shaping and putting in the oven ourselves - we even did the washing up!


We had a great day and our Year 5 staff were very proud of us!

Spring 2 - Beast Creator WOW!


This week we launched our new topic 'Beast Creator'.


We started the day by creating our own symmetrical butterflies by painting one wing and folding the butterfly to create a symmetrical imprint on the other wing. We then wrote on the back of the wings things we know about minibeasts and questions we'd like to ask.


We then launched our new class novel of 'Charlotte's Web'. We looked at the front and back cover to see what we could find out and then we thought of some other things that we would like to find out about the characters, plot etc.


After lunch we visited the nature area going on our own minibeast hunt. We drew and wrote about what we found. We also wrote about the habitats that we found them in. We then used a classification diagram and questions to classify each minibeast, such as 'Does it have wings?' 'Does it fly?'

Spring 1 - Alchemy Island


We have really enjoyed this topic and finding out about life on Alchemy Island.


In Geography we learnt about earthquakes and other natural disasters. We learnt about Tectonic Plates and why earthquakes happen.


In English we wrote our own fantasy story using a portal to travel to another place - using The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as inspiration. We also learnt about volcanoes and wrote a non-chronological report about them. We looked at how they were formed, what happens during an eruption and if we thought it was a good idea to live by one or not!


In Science we carried out some experiments to see if different materials would dissolve in water. we tried both hot and cold water to see if that made a difference.


In Art we made our own models of Alchemy Island using Mod Roc. It was very messy but we had lots of fun!

Look at the great homework projects we completed...

Spring 1 - Alchemy Island WOW!


This week we launched our new topic 'Alchemy Island'. We had a visit from The Alchemist, who brought us a riddle and a map. We worked in pairs to work out what the riddle meant and where it would take us to begin our adventure. We then got into groups to design our islands, we included a portal to take us on an exciting adventure around the island. Whilst we were on our adventure, we found different materials and we carried out some experiments on them, such as - Are they magnetic? How transparent are they? We then had to work out which parts of the island they came from.


We also launched our class novel of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We wrote down what we knew about the story already and then any questions we'd like to ask. We have enjoyed reading the first few chapters and can't wait to see what happens next!

Autumn 2 - Stargazer


We really enjoyed learning about space this term!


We found out lots about the moon, especially learning about the first visit to the moon by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrid and Michael Collins. We also learnt about the different phases of the moon. In our computing lesson we learnt how to program a Beebot to walk across the moon. In science we carried out an experiment to show how craters are formed on the moon.


We learnt lots of different facts about the planets. We carried out a demonstration to show how the planets move around the sun. We also learnt some mnemonics to help us to remember the order of the planets from the sun.


In DT we made a moving toy using a CAM mechanism. In groups we designed, made and evaluated our toys.

Look at the fantastic homework projects we completed...

Autumn 2 - Stargazer WOW!


This week we launched our new topic 'Stargazer'. First we wrote down what we already knew about space and designed our own astronaut suit. Then we researched what we could find out about space online. We then worked in groups to paper mache the planets - this was very messy!

Autumn 1 - Off With Her Head


We really enjoyed learning about the Tudors this half term. We learnt a lot of facts about what life was like in the Tudor times, including what they ate and what they wore. We especially enjoyed finding out all about Henry VIII and his 6 wives!


In art we designed and made the Tudor Rose out of batik. It was lots of fun! We also then designed and made our own family crest out of batik. 

Look at the awesome homework projects we completed...

School Trip to Hampton Court Palace

On Thursday 6th October we went on a coach trip to Hampton Court Palace.

We had a great day and were wowed by the floor to ceiling tapestry and paintings we saw.

We also saw many artefacts from the Tudor time, as well as where Henry VIII slept and ate his food. We were shown the kitchens and we listened to a man telling us all about how hot it would have been in there when food was being prepared for the King.

We finished our visit with an a'maze'ing time in the maze - luckily we all found our way out! 

Autumn 1 - Off With Her Head WOW!

We launched our topic of 'Off with her Head' by learning about the War of the Roses. We took on the roles of the Tudors in either the Lancaster or the York family and acted out what happened. 

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