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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page where you can find out more about what is happening in our class.


Year 5C swim on Fridays, and have PE on Mondays.

Year 5G swim on Fridays, and have PE on Mondays.

On Wednesdays 5C and 5G have LAMDA.


If you have any questions or would like to contact the class team please email or or call the school office on 01252 328589 to leave a message. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form.

Half Term Project Details and Homework Ideas - Stargazers


Journey through space – the final frontier! Let’s take a trip to the stars, planets and suns and discover the amazing wonders of the night sky.


During this half term, we’ll read information texts to find out about the Solar System and the Sun, using mnemonics to help us remember the facts. We’ll make a Solar System and investigate the cycle of day into night. We’ll learn about Galileo, the ‘father’ of modern astronomy and his famous astronomical discoveries. Taking on the roles of the planets, we’ll use movement to demonstrate the motions of the planets and moons. We’ll investigate lunar myths and write astronaut poetry. 


This project runs for the second half of the Autumn term. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home. 


Below is a list of ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Keep a Moon diary over the course of a lunar month. Draw the shape of the Moon each night, finding out and recording the correct term for each lunar phase. 

  • Use non-fiction books, astronomy magazines and the web to find and record your own amazing facts about space. Create a space scrapbook using your facts and downloaded images. 

  • Visit your local library and search for space-themed books. These could be non-fiction, novels or poetry books. Write a review of your favourite to display in the library or in school. 

  • Write a letter of application to the UK Space Agency to become an astronaut. What personal qualities or skills would you need to carry out this role? 

  • Write a film review of a space-themed film that you have watched with your family. Some great films to choose might be ‘Wall-E’ (U), ‘ET’ (U), ‘Star Wars’ (PG) or ‘Apollo 13’ (PG). How many ‘stars’ would you award your film? 

  • Teach your family the order of the planets in the solar system using your mnemonic. Then test them… Have they remembered correctly? 

  • Using non-fiction books and online research, find out the names of some of the best known star constellations. On a clear night, try to identify them. Draw diagrams of those you have spotted. Do you think the names they have been given suit them? 

  • Make a 3-D model of the solar system which displays all the planets in order. 

  • Imagine… an alien space ship has crashed landed in your back garden. Write your own story about what happens next. You may want to borrow ideas from space stories or films you know well. Remember to use powerful vocabulary to bring your story (and your alien) to life! 

  • So far, 24 astronauts have visited the Moon. Find out their names, download pictures and record interesting facts about them.



  • How would people describe you? This may include different names or different qualities to your personality or character. Create a piece of Art - perhaps a self-portrait - which incorporates these different descriptions. 


At the end of the project homework period your child will receive either a bronze, silver or gold project homework badge.

Bronze = a basic piece of project homework was completed

Silver = a good piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of time to complete

Gold = an excellent piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of thought, time and effort to complete

Year 5 experiences

In Year 5 your child will work towards their LAMDA qualification. They will have weekly practical lessons.

Class Assembly Dates

Here are the dates for our class sharing assemblies this year, we hope you will come and join us at 9am in the hall.

  • 5th November 2021 (5C)
  • 4th February 2022 (5G)
  • 11th March 2022 (5C)
  • 13th May 2022 (5G)
  • 10th June 2022 (Joint 5C and 5G - LAMDA)

School Trips

Year 5 will be visiting the following:

  • TBC
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