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Governors Pay Committee Terms of Reference

Agreed: Autumn 2022

Review: Autumn 2023



  • To ensure that all teaching and support staff are valued and receive recognition for their work and contribution to school life in accordance with the aims and procedures set out in the Pay Policy



  • The governing body will annually appoint from its members a Pay Committee with the delegated powers described in the following terms of reference
  • The Pay Committee will consist of:
    • Four governors who are not members of staff at the school and
    • The Headteacher
  • The chair of the committee will be elected by the full governing body at the first meeting of the academic year



  • Three governors who are members of the committee
  • A meeting may be held if it is inquorate but no votes can be taken or decisions made


Terms of Reference


The Pay Committee has fully delegated powers to:

  • Implement the Pay Policy with reference to staffing and financial budget plans.  If the Committee feels it to be appropriate, any matter may be passed to the full governing body for ratification
  • Achieve the aims of the Pay Policy in a fair and equitable manner within statutory and contractual obligations
  • Apply the criteria of the Pay Policy in determining the pay of each member of staff in the annual review (including that of the Head teacher, taking onto account the recommendation of the Head teacher Appraisal Committee)
  • Recommend to the governing body the annual budget needed for the payment of staff


The Pay Committee shall be required to:

  • Minute all decisions and submit the minutes to be noted by the Full Governing Body
  • Ensure all governors are aware of the need to treat the minutes  with confidentiality
  • Keep abreast of relevant developments and advising the governing body when the Pay Policy needs to be revised



  • Once a year in the first half of the Autumn term, or as often as necessary
  • Meetings are convened by the clerk in accordance with the dates agreed by the governing body/committee
  • An agenda will be circulated to all governors by the clerk at least 7 days before the meeting
  • The clerk will ensure that minutes are drawn up, checked by the chair and headteacher and circulated to all governors within 2 weeks of the meeting
  • The minutes will be approved by the committee and signed by the chair at the next meeting
  • Minutes will be submitted to the Full Governing Body according to the deadlines set out in the Pay Policy
  • Voting: Any question to be decided at a meeting must be determined by a majority of votes of those governors present and voting. If there is an equal number of votes, the chair (or the person acting as chair provided they are a governor) has a casting vote



  • The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually at the first Full Governing Body meeting of the academic year
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