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Lettings Policy

Approved by Governors: Summer 2021

Review date: Summer 2024


Policy Objectives

In adopting this policy the Governors recognise that:

  1. the School’s buildings and grounds are a community asset and should be promoted
  2. the School’s premises represent a significant capital investment and should be fully utilised
  3. in operating this policy, the needs of the School should be given priority; and
  4. a profit margin may be derived from private or commercial usage but is not the objective when facilitation educational activity by designated users.


In formulating this policy, the Governing Body has had regard to the terms contained within the Surrey Local Management of Schools Manual (Section M) – Community Use of Schools.



The aim of this policy is to provide guidelines for the use of school’s facilities for the benefit of the school and its community. To enable the school management to achieve this aim the Governing Body has drawn up the following policy.



1. The needs of the School shall be given priority.

2. The Governing Body has the right to refuse any request for hiring.

3. All lettings administration must comply with Section M (Community Use of Schools) of the Surrey County Council Finance Manual.



Priority Usage

Priority of use shall be given as follows:

  1. School use
  2. Statutory users
  3. Designated users (Youth Groups)
  4. School community users
  5. Private users


Power to determine designated status is delegated to the Headteacher (who shall maintain a list of such organisations)


Lettings considered unacceptable

  • Functions where intoxicating liquor is available (unless prior agreement has been received from the Governing Body)
  • Events where noise or behaviour may affect local residents
  • Events which would extend beyond 10pm (unless prior agreement has been received from the Governing Body)
  • Lifestock shows (including exhibitions of children’s pets)
  • Committee rooms for candidates at political elections
  • Any purpose of any kind which could be unlawful, capable of bringing the school, County Council members or employees into disrepute, or offensive to local susceptibilities, or denigrate British values; in the opinion of the governing body.
  • Lettings that support Extremism and Radicalisation


Lettings shall be allowed only for the use of the School premises and grounds outside of School hours except for:

  • Hire of the Pool to other schools within school hours


Conditions of Hire and Charging Policy

The Terms and Conditions of hire of the premises are attached in Appendix 1 to this policy


The current Scales of Charges is set out in Appendix 2 to this policy.


The Scale of Charges is set in accordance with Surrey County Council guidance.  Charges shall be set at a level only to cover the costs to the School of the hire except that private users will be charged on cost plus an income margin for the School.  Educational use will attract a discount to charges as set out in the Scale of Charges.


The Governing Body hereby specifically determines that no charge shall be made for any letting by the School’s Parents’ Association provided that the purpose of the booking is solely to conduct formal business meetings or to raise funds for the School.


Costings and Review

The Terms and Conditions and the Scale of Charges shall be reviewed annually by the Governors.  The policy will be reviewed every three years.


Variations to either the Terms and Conditions or Scale of Charges may be agreed in respect of individual lettings at the discretion of the Headteacher in agreement with the Chair of the Resources Committee.


Administration of Lettings

All letting requests shall be made to the Headteacher to whom the Governing Body hereby delegates authority to agree or deny such requests at her discretion.


Authority to accept applications for hire is delegated to the Business Manager acting with the agreement of the Headteacher.  The day to day administration of all hires is the responsibility of the Business Manager


Lettings Documentation

All formal hiring of the School premises (including any for which no charge is made) shall be properly documented

  1. All hirers must complete a lettings hire application (based on SCC form ED110) and receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Hire and Scale of Charges
  2. Once an application is accepted the hirer must sign and Hire and Users Agreement, which forms Appendix 3 to the policy
  3. In accordance with the Governors’ commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, a copy of the safeguarding leaflet must be given to the Hirer (and User, if different) and signed for on receipt


Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax will be applied to all hire charges where this is appropriate.


The complaint policy will apply in the event of any complaint; copy available on request.


See also:

  • Health & Safety policy
  • GDPR policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Equal Opportunities policy
  • Safeguarding policy
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