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Headteacher Appraisal Committee Terms of Reference

Agreed: Autumn 2022

Review: Autumn 2023



  • To ensure that the Headteacher is appraised in accordance with the aims and procedures set out in the Appraisal Policy



  • The Governing Body will annually appoint, from its members, a Headteacher Appraisal Committee with the delegated powers described in the following terms of reference
  • The Headteacher Appraisal Committee will consist of:
    • Three governors who are not members of staff at the school
  • Membership will be based on a 3 year cycle ie the maximum consecutive term on the committee will be three years. Both the outgoing governor and the incoming governor will attend the Autumn meeting to ensure consistency
  • The chair of the committee will be elected by the Full Governing Body at the first meeting of the academic year



  • Three governors who are members of the committee
  • A meeting may be held if it is inquorate but no votes can be taken or decisions made


Terms of Reference


The Headteacher Appraisal Committee has delegated responsibility for:

  • Appointing an external adviser for advice and support on the Headteacher’s appraisal and consulting that adviser on setting objectives for, and appraisal of, the Headteacher
  • Informing the Headteacher of the standards against which their performance will be assessed
  • Setting, in consultation with the Headteacher, the performance objectives, including details of measurable success criteria
  • Assessing the Headteacher’s professional development needs and action needed to address them
  • Monitoring progress towards objectives and producing a written record of the evidence base
  • Appraising the performance of the Headteacher and assessing the performance of their role and responsibilities against the relevant standards and their objectives
  • Making a recommendation to the Pay Committee on Headteacher pay progression and any discretionary payments
  • Giving the Headteacher a written report of their appraisal which includes the assessments and pay recommendation



  • There will be at least one meeting each term
  • The external adviser will attend the Autumn term meeting; the Headteacher will attend all meetings
  • Autumn Term Meeting:
    • Formal assessment of performance objectives for the previous academic year
    • Objective setting for the current academic year
  • Spring Term Meeting:
    • Review and evaluation of progress towards objectives
  • Summer Term Meeting:
    • Review and evaluation of progress towards objectives
  • Additional review meetings will be held as necessary
  • The chair will be responsible for circulating documents to committee members prior to the meetings
  • The chair will produce a written record of the meeting
  • Voting: Any question to be decided at a meeting must be determined by a majority of votes of those governors present and voting. If there is an equal number of votes, the chair (or the person acting as chair provided they are a governor) has a casting vote



  • The Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually at the first Full Governing Body meeting of the academic year
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