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Governor Appeals Panel Terms of Reference

Agreed: Autumn 2022

Review: Autumn 2023



  • To consider, in accordance with Surrey County Council policy and procedures, any appeal against:
    • a decision to dismiss a member of staff
    • a decision short of dismissal under the governing body’s personnel procedures, including disciplinary, grievance, capability
    • selection for redundancy
    • a decision made by the Pay Committee



  • The Governing Body will annually appoint, from its members, an Appeals Panel with the delegated powers described in the following terms of reference
  • The Appeals Panel will consist of:
    • Three governors or
    • In exceptional circumstances, two governors and an agreed representative of the governing body, approved by the Full Governing Body
  • The headteacher, the chair of governors, any staff governor and any governor currently a member of the Headteacher Appraisal Committee are not eligible for membership
  • No governor, or representative, who has had prior involvement in the case that is the subject of an appeal may be included on the panel



  • Three members of the panel
  • A meeting may be held if it is inquorate, but no votes can be taken or decisions made


The Appeals Panel has delegated responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that the appeal process is objective and impartial
  • Considering all the relevant documents and facts
  • Seeking expert advice where necessary
  • Ensuring that the member of staff is aware that they may be accompanied at the appeal hearing by a recognised association/union representative or workplace colleague and shall be afforded the fullest opportunity to state the grounds for his/her appeal and to question any evidence presented during the appeal
  • Ensuring that where a member of staff has exercised the right of appeal, the action proposed at the disciplinary hearing is not put into effect until the appeal has been heard by the Appeals Panel
  • Confirming or amending the decision of the disciplinary hearing
  • Ensuring that the steps taken in reaching a decision are clear and transparent
  • Keeping meticulous records of the proceedings



  • Meetings will be held as needed
  • Notice of the appeal, outlining as fully as possible the grounds on which the appeal is being made, should be sent in writing to the clerk of the governing body
  • The clerk to the governing body shall convene a meeting of the Appeals Panel as soon as is practicable
  • One governor will be nominated as chair.
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