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Reception to Year 6 - Dental Health

Dear Parents/Carers of Reception to Year 6 children,

You may have heard about our dental health drive that we are on this month, teaching the children when and how to clean their teeth.  We have purchased toothbrushes for all the children so that they can clean their teeth at lunchtime each day, (or another time if they forgot to do it in the morning) there is toothpaste (age appropriate) in each sink area of the toilets.  This of course is in addition to their cleaning at home, not as some children thought instead.


Interesting facts we learnt this week are:

  1. Not to rinse the mouth with water when they have finished cleaning as it takes the protective toothpaste away.

  2. Mouth wash is for in-between or prior to cleaning to get the food out of the gaps

We're all learning.


The children will be able to take their toothbrushes home at half term or leave them at school for using here.

Kind regards,
Mrs Curtis

Mrs Marie Curtis

Scopay School Shop