Happy Easter everyone, the Nursery and School are closed until 16th April 2024.
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Staff Changes

Dear Parents/Carers,
So we have a number of staff changes in the next 2 weeks.

Year 4 parents, Mrs Cartledge is leaving on maternity leave this Friday, she needs to get off her feet and have a couple of weeks rest until the baby is here.  Mrs Fathers of Year 5 is covering her absence.  

Year 5 parents Mrs Neumann and Mrs Cox will be supporting all needs in Year 5.

Nursery 2 parents, Miss Schofield is leaving on 6th March (not 8th as previously communicated).  Miss Winterbourne is joining the team as a Key Person from 1st March.   Mrs Bowley is joining the Nursery 2 team as a Learning Assistant from 1st March as well.

I am delighted to say Mrs Rennie has had a beautiful baby boy, mum and son are doing well, congratulations.

Many thanks
Mrs Curtis

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