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Year 4 - Head lice

Dear Parents and Carers,


A few cases of head lice have been found in Year 4 today.  It is important that all connected with the class and school are made aware of the problem and the simple steps that can be taken to combat the situation.


As with many other social situations where children play closely together, it is possible in school for head lice to transfer from child to child.  Remember, head lice actually prefer clean hair, so the possibility of infection is absolutely no reflection on a family’s standard of hygiene.  Head lice do not always cause an itchy scalp, so many people will be unaware that they are infected.  Sufferers only develop an itchy scalp if they become sensitive to louse saliva, but this can take up to two months for symptoms to appear.


Please find below some helpful advice to follow if anyone in your family is infected:



  • Your child’s hair once a week
  • Use a proper detection comb – with teeth no more than 0.3mm apart to trap head lice and white  in colour so they can be easily seen.
  • If you find live lice, consult a pharmacist for treatment advice.
  • If head lice are spotted, take a close look at all the family, including yourself and ask close family

     and friends to check as well.



  • Only treat if live lice are identified.
  • Use a clinically proven treatment, ideally with a mode of action to which lice are very unlikely to build up resistance.
  • Leave the treatment on for the recommended time for maximum effect – leaving it on for longer will not make it more effective.



  • Repeat the treatment for a second time seven days after the first to kill any lice that may hatch from eggs during that time – if the pack instructions specify that a second application is required.
  • Check that all head lice have gone within two to three days of the final application of head lice treatment to complete the process.


For further information on head lice see your pharmacist or visit


 Yours sincerely


Marie Curtis


Scopay School Shop